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How can I print with Windows 7 (CUPS via Samba)

Everyone who has a valid account for the ZMAW domain can install the printers he/she wants to use by him-/herself on any supported Windows system connected to the ZMAW network.

  1. Click on start
  2. Type "\\" into the search box 
  3. Press "Enter"

Now you see a lot of printers, just double click those you want to use.

Of course you can change the default settings according to your needs (single/double sided, etc.)  
If you don't have a valid ZMAW account, but you need one for printing, please contact CIS.

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Are there DIN A3, DIN A0 and transparencies printers?

Yes there are!

A0 printers are: d0028-c0, z0322-c0PR

A3 printers are: d0030-c3

In any case please contact: Opens window for sending emailhelp-it (tel: 41173-361 or 42838-6661) if you want to send a plot to d0028-c0 first.

z0322-c0PR is managed by the PR & Graphics team of MPI-M, Bettina Diallo and Norbert Noreiks - please contact them for printing to z0322-c0.

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How can I print with Mac OS X

Open the Print & Fax utility in System Preferences.

Add a new printer.

Choose Internet Printing Protocol (IPP) and enter


Queue: printers/z0121-m1 (i.e. - enter the printer you need)

Name: z0121-m1 (i.e.)

Location: z0121 (i.e.)

Print Using: Select Printer Software...
Now you have to search for the printer you wish to install. In case it is not shown in the list please search for the appropriate driver on the Apple Support Page.


Note: In case any windows appear asking you to give specific options for the chosen printer leave the default settings.

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How do i find the nearest printer?

Our CUPS naming scheme explained by giving an example:
d0123-c2 is the second color printer from the room 123 in the DKRZ.

  1. One letter (d: DKRZ, c:CliSAP, e:IHF Elbstraße, g:Geomatikum,s: schäferkamp, z:ZMAW) for the building
  2. Four digits for the room number
  3. One letter (c:color, m:monochrome, t:transparency) for the printing type
  4. One digit for the printer number

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How can I print with CUPS via commandline?

To print a file (ASCII or ps) from the commandline just use lpr.
The Syntax is: lpr -P "printername" "filename"
For example type: lpr -P p0047-m1 test.txt (printing test.txt to p0047-m1)

For more commandline options see the CUPS User Manual

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What do I do with an empty ink/toner cartridge?

In every building there is at least one recycling-box where you can place your used cartridges.

Bundesstr. 53: Z121, Z136, Z223, Z251, Z322, Z423, Z346, Z437
Bundesstr. 55: G1724, G1624
Grindelberg 5: ground floor

What do you have to do:

As toner is poisonous please put the old cartridge back into the bag/cardboard-box the new one shipped with. Put the cardboard-box into the recycling-box and you are done. (At the Geomatikum write 'empty' onto the cardbox and put it in the printer room next to the printer, we take it with us the next time we are there.)

When the recycling-box is full we will call a company to exchange it. As a bonus we do not have to pay for this service but get some money for some of the cartridges. Thus it is a good deal for the environment and the institute.

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General guidelines for the use of the A0 Poster Plotter d0028-c0.

  1. Please check that the plot file is OK before sending the job to the queue. A good test is to print into a file and to check the resulting PostScript-File with a PostScript viewer (gv, ghostview, etc).
  2. It is not advisable to print posters noticeable bigger than DIN/ISO A0 (84,1 x 118,8cm).
  3. The file name should always start with your account name, e.g.: So please name the files accordingly before printing, otherwise it may be impossible to determine who sent a specific job.
  4. The staff handling the plotter uses a special queuing system. This means looking in the normal queue will only show you that the queue is stopped or empty. This is absolutely normal. It is not possible for you to see the job in the queue.
  5. Before submitting the print job please get in contact with the staff, the best way is via e-mail: help-it@we dont want which should contain the following information:
    • Your name
    • Your user name (beginning with the letter "m" or "u", e.g. m123456)
    • Your phone number
    • poster output format (A0, EGU, A1)
  6. You can get status information, problem reports and probably some hints to resolve such problems.
  7. One submission of your poster is enough. If it is not printable you will be informed.
  8. Even with the high speed of the plotter it is highly recommended to send your poster in good time. That means, if you need your poster for a fixed date be sure to plot it some days before the deadline. This is far more important if a conference is imminent.
  9. You will find your output in a wallbox at room d0017 DKRZ.
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How can I use the A0 Poster Plotter d0028-c0 from Windows?

Installation of the A0 plotter "d0028-c0" with Windows.

  1. See "How can I print with Windows 7 (CUPS via Samba)?" for printer installation in general.
  2. In this case select  d0028-c0.
  3. After installation check that "properties" -> "general" -> "Printer settings" -> "Advanced" -> "Paper size" says "ISO A0". If it does not, please change it to "ISO A0".

Printing from Microsoft Office:

  1. Page size for each Office program should be "A0" or user defined W: 841 mm x H: 1189 mm (= 33.11 x 46.81 inch)
  2. It is important that the option "fit to page" is selected and that the file name begins with your ZMAW user number (u* or m*)!

VERY IMPORTANT: Before submitting the plot please read the other FAQ regarding the plotter: "General guidelines for the use of the A0 Poster Plotter d0028-c0"!

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