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Why do I "suddenly" not receive mails anymore?

Your mail tool works properly and has successfully contacted the mail server? Then you might have reached the size limitation of your mailbox on - this limit is 3GB.

If you reach that limit, you will not be able to receive mails any more, and the mails you send can no longer be saved in the "Sent" folder. In Mozilla Thunderbird you can check your disk usage by right mouseclick on your "Inbox" folder - select "Properties" and then select "Quota".

Options to save some space:

  • Empty your Trash mail folder - probably there are some emails which should be deleted. Make sure there are no sub folders in the Trash folder - you have to delete them manually.
  • Sometimes mails are not really deleted. Please clean up and compress your mail folders, in Mozilla Thunderbird this can be achieved through the menu entry "File" -> "Compact folders".
  • Delete Attachments from mails. Files attached to a mail are 33% larger in the email (as the file needs to be recoded, it grows), and big file attachments use valuable space in your mailbox. Modern email clients like Mozilla Thunderbird can delete attachments, but preserve the email - right click on the attachment and choose "delete".
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I'd like to have a special mailing list. Can you set it up and administrate it?

We provide a mailing-list server and we can create a mailing list for you. Administration later on will be done by you but usually not much needs to be done once it is set up.

For creating a new mailing list we need to know:

  1. your wish for the name of the list and a short description
  2. the email address of one or more administrators of the list
  3. if everybody should be allowed to subscribe to the list
  4. if everybody should be allowed to post to the list.

Mailman provides a web interface for further configuration [e.g. membership management, list archive].

Additionally you can subscribe to a list via email, just send a mail with empty subject and empty body to:

LISTNAME-join@we dont want

To unsubscribe via email send a mail with empty subject and empty body to:

LISTNAME-leave@we dont want

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Why can't I send a mail with attachment to a mailing list?

In short: please do not send mails with big attachments to mailing lists.

The allowed attachment size for mailing lists on depends on the list, for some it is very restrictive. Please do not attach any file to mails to the mailing list zmaw-all.

If your mail is not sent out to the list:

  • try to shrink the attachment
  • copy and paste the information provided in the attachment into the email body as normal text
  • just send a link to the document stored on a ftp or web server.
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Why do I receive some mails twice?

Sometimes users receive mails from some of our mailing lists twice.

This is a problem related to the complicated membership of users to different groups at the institute: Each user (and thus each mail address) belongs to one or more groups. Mailing lists send mails to these groups. If somebody is a member of more then one group he/she will get the mail in duplicate.

So please don't worry and just delete the duplicate!

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